What does “mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)” means?

The message “mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)” is typically a kernel log or system message related to the mounting of a filesystem on a Linux system. Let’s break down the components of this message:

  1. mounted filesystem“: This indicates that a filesystem has been successfully mounted on the system. Mounting is the process of making a filesystem available to the operating system and users.
  2. with ordered data mode“: This refers to the data ordering mode used by the filesystem. In the context of this message, it is specifying that the filesystem is using an ordered data mode. Ordered data mode is a journaling mode used by some filesystems to ensure the consistency of data on the disk.
  3. Opts: (null)“: This part indicates the mount options used when mounting the filesystem. In this case, it shows that no specific options (null) were provided during the mounting process. Mount options can include various parameters that affect how the filesystem is mounted and how it behaves.

In summary, the message indicates a successful mounting of a filesystem with an ordered data mode and no specific mount options provided. If there are no issues reported along with this message, it is generally considered normal and part of the system’s regular operation. If you are experiencing any problems, additional information from the system logs or context may be needed to diagnose the issue.